Exercising before noon is most beneficial for weight loss

A new study shows that exercising in the morning at least before noon is most beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

This new study reveals why some people lose a lot of weight doing the same exercise routine while others do not. It adds to the increasing number of studies suggesting that the timing of activities and exercising can affect how those activities affect our bodies in return.

Why some people were able to lose weight doing the same exercises or activities while others were not, perplexed Erik Willis, who happens to be a data analyst with the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention on the campus of the University of North Carolina located at Chapel Hill.

Willis and his colleagues at the University of Kansas, the University of Colorado Denver and other institutions have for over a decade overseen the Midwest Exercise Trial 2, which has been an extensive study of how supervised, regular exercise influences a person’s body weight.

100 overweight, inactive young men and women were recruited for the study and were asked to work out five times a week at an assigned physiology lab to work up a sweat while jogging or doing other exercise work outs until they burned up 600 calories in a session. After 10 months almost everyone had dropped some amount of weight. But even though they all did the same supervised work out, the weight losses fluctuated considerably. 

This was perplexing to the team. Using the data from the 2015 study, they could see very little difference in what could have distinguished those who lost a lot of weight and those who didn’t.

Willis and his teammate, Seth Creasy, who is a professor of exercise physiology with the University of Colorado Denver at itsAnschutz campus,began brainstorming and finally hit on the timing of the work out activities.

Believe it or not, there is actually a science called chronobiology, which studies the many ways of how the timing of when we do things affects or alters how our bodies will respond.

Willis and his teammates were able to separate out the data precisely because each participant was required to sign in and out for each session. And the perusal of data resulted in the findings that people who exercised in the morning or at least before noon were the ones who lost the most weight.

So put on your sneakers in the morning and do your workouts before noon, whether it’s jogging, walking or any other aerobic exercise and start losing that weight!

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