Interested in a virtual pet? Get a Tamagotchi on device

For anyone who likes pets but is either too busy to take care of one, or wants the delight of owning a pet but not wanting the real clean-up duties or actually taking it out for real live walks, then a Tamagotchi On electronic device is the answer for you.

Tamagotchi Ons first came out in the1990s, about 20 years ago.  It was the rave at the time and if you were a kid then, you will remember the constant beeping calling your attention to your little egg shaped electronic virtual pet. Kids grew up and so did their interest to smartphone pets like Pokemon Go and Neko Atsume.

But Bandai is updating Tamagotchi Onbuilt especially for these times of smartphone usage providing a lot of connectivity like a super social network platform for your virtual pet.

The Tamagotchi Ondevice is still egg shaped but is a half inch larger at 2.5 inches which fits nicely into your hand. This larger size has a 2.25-inch color LCD screen, an infrared sensor and Bluetooth connectivity ability to your smartphone.

This new Bluetooth LE model with the Tamagotchi Onapp will allow you to transfer your pet (if you already have one), meet other characters (just like social media for humans), and participate in events with your virtual pet with a geolocation feature.

The full featured Tamagotchi Onegg-shaped device for your virtual pet still has the three button control scheme on the front. Your virtual pet will live in a nice room, dance with exuberant joy or be melancholy, buying more rooms as you earn virtual money by participating in activities. You can play with your pet, feed it and cleanup its poop without dirtying your hands and best of all – no smells! What’s really nice about the new Tamagotchi Onis that it will not constantly beep at you as did the earlier models.

Aside from the basics mentioned you will be able to let your virtual pet travel about town, take it to a virtual park to meet up with other in-game characters, 

go shopping for toys or clothing as well as play a couple of games while you’re there. You will be able to take your pet to other towns which changes scenery and allows your pet to socialize with other species too. You will even take your pet on a playdate or send it on a vacation with someone else’s pet and even keep in contact with their new virtual friend.

Tamagotchi Onalso will allow virtual pets to marry and breed more adorable pets.

Tamagotchi Onwill play for about four or five days before you will have to change out the two AAA battery cells.

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